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Backstory: Determined I had a lifter issue - had to fight to get Sir Walter to deal with it. (Literally had to call the service manager to address an attitude problem with the Service adviser... & only took it to a dealer because it was under warranty...)

So the lifters got replaced, and they changed the oil - (read below for what I just found...) and the radiator fluid. (They also had to change the belts as radiator fluid got on the belts...) (this was a week ago)

SO I was pulling into the garage this afternoon and noticed a HUGE puddle of a caramel colored substance... see attached pic. Jacked the car up to find that the Oil Filter was not tight... I was able to hand tighten it almost a full turn (an I don't have the worlds biggest forearms.) So I have a 1/2 quart of 5w30 on the ground.)

What are the chances that this filter just worked its way loose? (Never had it happen before on a L series engine.

The other pic is a disconnected rubber hose labeled "NC" that hangs down next to the transmission and is missing the clamp. Any idea what this hose goes to?



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