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Long story short: I have researched for a long time and finally got a G8. It has low mileage and after going to the track I want to build it up a bit. It currently has a roto fab and a vms 93 tune. Results at the track were 13.7 @ 103. A little disappointing, I was hoping for around 104-105.

Now, I am not afraid of dod but I have been wondering about reliability of replacement lifters. I "only" want 114-115mph when I am done, but I only want to do a cam, headers, gear, and new tune. With the rotofab I already have I hope I can hit that mph. I do not want to give up driveability so I am more than willing to shoot for 113mph. The reason I only want cam, gear, headers is because I know what I would do if I did not stop myself, id have a cage, stall, parachute....

Now the question: based on what Rick C has done and many others, I know I can reach my goals with dod or not. I just read Dansvt03 post and he had his lifters replaced but he ended up still having problems with wiping a cam out. Are the dod replacement lifters reliable? and for how many miles?
Most of my interstate travel is above 70 mph. I thought I saw that dod activated 55-70. Can I tune the dod to come on above 70 mph, where I drive and could hopefully see any fuel mileage gains or is the load to much at that speed? Is dod even worth the mileage gains?

This turned out to be a long story long, but I am just wondering aloud. I am not too worried about specs as I know my goals are attainable easily and Rick C. can easily help me with that. I am more so asking about actual mileage between dod and non dod and if it can be tuned above 70 and if the replacement lifters will last.

Also, I have researched the parts list and I always see, on this forum and texas-speed, livernois, etc, it always says ls7 lifters to replace the dod lifters. Can I not use L76 lifters, the non dod ones, on the other cylinders or is the part number the same for both engines? Im confused as to why one would use L76 and LS7 lifters and not just non dod L76.

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