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*these are not mine*

I probably can't post the link, but here's the item number: 190816248273

17x8s in a dual bolt pattern, one of them being 5x120 that matches ours. He claims they're only 18.2 lbs a piece. I think the sport 19s are 28 lbs and GT 18s are 25-26 lbs. So that's a good 40 lbs of weight savings right there, not even accounting for a lighter tire. I think the wheel itself would look pretty good on a G8, but the size would definitely be too small appearance wise. Anyways, just thought I'd share.

EDIT: He mentions that the wheels are drilled for 12mm studs (ours are 14mm), but I emailed him and he said they're actually 15.96mm, so it will fit :)

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