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Engine Codes After Cat Delete & headers

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Engine code help
Calling all Technicians, Lol!
I did cat delete, & headers, and I know I need to get it tuned.
Here's the codes I'm getting:
P0443 Purge Solenoid Valve Control Circuit
P3441 & P3449 Cylinder (1,7,6,etc...about 4-5 cylinders) Deactivation Solenoid Valve Control Circuit
P0135 H02S Heater Performance Sensor 1
P0060 H02S Heater Resistance Bank sensor2
TIA I really appreciate this community and being able to come to you guys:)
ALSO, the tranny seems to be shifting harder since doing all this. Would that have anything to do with the tranny breather Valve/hose (came loose during install), or u think a tune would help? Thanks Again!!
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The o2 sensor codes will go away once tuned out, the 443 is from the purge valve either open or disconnected, valve should read ~ 20 ohms across terminals disconnected, carefully check connector and terminal fit also at VLOM connector
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