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Passport iQ - GPS + Radar Detector all in one? Yes please!

I recently acquired a Passport iQ by Escort, which acts as a fully functioning GPS unit and a radar detector both in one sleek, easy to use package. I've been using the iQ for about 3 months now while driving all over the US and Canada for work and I have not only avoided some speed traps but have found my destination each and every time thanks to this device!

I use the windshield mount which is sturdy and swivels so that the screen can be used easily by both the driver and the passenger. I find the load times of the directions to be fast and accurate while the radar feature is easy to use and allows me to "lock out" false signals that I keep picking up on the way to and from home and work.

One of the best features of the IQ is that because it looks like a normal windshield mount GPS unit, the cops have no idea it's a radar detector (which is handy because where I live radar detectors are illegal)!
The Passport iQ is awesome and I recommend it to anyone who needs a GPS unit and or fully functioning radar detector with all the goodies.

More: Escort Passport IQ Review on EscortRadar.com
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