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Cross posted from another Forum. Sounds interesting!

Hey, my name is Ben, I joined this forum a while ago and have been lurking..

Well, I am hosting a meet this Sunday.

This idea came from the Seattle GTG thread over at 190rev, props for SG Motorsports for picking the date and original location.

So the plan is that we all meet up at Mountlake Terrace Park and Ride in Seattle and hang out for a bit and we do a scenic cruise as a huge group to Point Defiance to XXX burgers and then when it gets dark we head up to Kirkland for dinner with NWQuattro at Olive Garden.

Time: 12 O'clock SHARP! please arrive a bit early (I'm personally showing up at 10 with the MI guys to direct parking and to hang out with the 190e guys) if you are from the local area, there will also be people coming from as far as British Colombia.

Map: Your Location to MT P&R and then the cruise route

Mercer Island is just an example, replace "Mercer Island" in location A with your home address and then print, write it out, put it in your sat nav, phone, or just bring your laptop.

I called up XXX burgers and talked to Jose Sr. to set up a reservation, and I want to get a rough headcount of people who are going.

This is going to be a 190e Meet, but anyone else is welcome, other German cars, other Euro cars, even Japanese, or American cars are welcome!

And I've seen some pictures of the Coffee GTGs here in L4P, I'm hoping that some of you exotic folks will come out and play.

And if anyone here is on Mercer Island, we should get together beforehand and cruise to Mountlake Terrace.

Originally Posted by wolf190
the more the merrier!

Please be safe and no burning out/drifting/doughnuts/revving! Even if that means most of the people are gone at the end of the meet.

(I'm pretty sure I don't have to worry about you guys with your expensive cars)

(I'm referring to you, the guy with an AE86 two door with red Drag wheels who did doughnuts at the end of the NWmotoring Magnuson Park meet, you are officially banned from this event)

Everybody look out for a white AE86 Corolla with the plate ending in: XGE

Btw: the fastest M3 'vert this side of the Rockies has confirmed that he will be going on the cruise/meet. And a turbo E63 M6 is tagging along too.

And yes, that is the HPF 'vert.

Where: Mountlake Terrace P&R

Who: Euro cars (all other cars are welcome to come along too)

When: This Sunday, Jan 17th. 10 o'clock in the morning to 12 at the P&R, then leave for the cruise

-20 dollars for food, just to be safe. And then 10-20 for Olive Garden
(not saying you should blow a ton of money on food, just noting what's the most that you guys would be spending if you do get a lot of food)
-Your cars to show off
-Good attitude
-Your best sense of judgement
-Cameras, Cam-Corders and equipment for photos and documentation

It is going to be pretty big, 400-500 cars+

Sorry for the late notice.
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