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I was on the search for factory floor mats with the exact factory mounts and fit, the G8 mats being long gone, I went with Holden mats from Australia. Here’s what I discovered....

The top and bottom of the Australian mats are basically swapped. So the mounting tab area of the carpet did not change from right to left drive...but the upper half of the mat did. With that said...I don’t think it’s that bad having the Australian mats in the G8.

The only other option from what I see, is to get custom mats and then add the factory mounting tab round receptacle by cutting a hole in the mat. The two halves of the mount do come apart and should be able to be snapped together for a seamless fit. But for now, the Holden mats are not too bad. FD9D5395-584E-4EAD-AC38-18B8D705EEE5_1558825225999.jpg FD9D5395-584E-4EAD-AC38-18B8D705EEE5_1558825225999.jpg


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