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Well it's been around 3 months now since i started my build and by Friday it should be turning over.

Before the build i was just running a MAF only tune and am wondering if with the cam, if VE should be brought back into play as well. Getting my MAF and timing dialed in before this was not too bad. First thing i'm going to do is get my idle smooth and around 800 rpm or so. What would be the best approach in doing this and what should i be looking for..... good and bad. For instance, should i be trying to set the timing then the air or vise versa. I know how to do these, what i am not exactly sure is which would be better to start with.

Maybe I'm just overthinking this....

Another thing i want to look at is injector timing. I have read several threads on the subject over at the other site but they mostly pertain to older LS PCM'S. I understand this to a point but the math is what is getting me stumped due to the older style pcm's. From what i have heard it is easier with ours but that's about all it says.

Is there anything else that i should be looking at after it's up and running??

The parts are in my sig and the cam is a 230/242 612/612 114 LSA installed straight up because i have an adjustable timing chain. Heads have been milled 0.015.

Will i need help with this, you bet.

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