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Hello all,

As some of you may know I was parting out some G8 parts. Well as I look to different approaches for my GT revival, i am selling my firehawk wheels as I have 3 left and no luck on replacing the 4th one.

2 are in perfect condition, no scratches, curb rash. I may have one person interested in buying one as a spare with one left to potentially be sold off. I would like to keep the one “bad” one with some clear Coat peel and scratches as a spare to clear the brembos.

I want to keep the tires for my next set of wheels, and would like to get $400 for the wheel with the center cap included.

The website isn’t letting me attach photos but I can try to get photos posted in a PM or attach later to this post if it eventually lets me.

Thanks for looking,
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