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Meet up with a couple buddy's I haven't seen in years at the local hangout on telegraph, one has a new camaro ss, the other with a 3v bolt on mustang.

My buddy with the 3v said he knows he could hang with me I just lol'd.
So he wanted to go from a 15 roll, so he could keep in first, so we go I give him the hit, he jumps about a car and as I hit second I went by like he was standing still.

I told him 50 roll, I give him the hit again but he didn't pull nothing and I just blew by.

We get back and he is going nuts how fast my car is so he calls a buddy with a auto 5.0, 30 mins later he pulls in. We talked for a few he had a cat back, intake, gears 3.55 I believe and some email type tune. With stock tires ;-) 235 I believe.
He says he can't grip from a dig so wanted to do a roll first. So we go from about 45-120, I had a fender till I got 3rd and had him at my back bumper when he let off. We get to a light and said let's try from a dig, light goes green. We both ease off and punch it at 15 we both spun but I was pulling and had him by 2-3 cars by 70 when I left off.

Needless to say I was pretty happy this was the first time I got to see a 5.0 in action and I thought at first he might take me, I had my camera but forgot the Damn memory card in my computer.

That was a long post, enjoy.

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