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Ok so the weather was finally good enough to get out and play a little bit Saturday night. So me and a buddy that has a 4.6 mustang that’s got a little bit done to it mostly bolt on stuff. So his mustang Gt vs HellboyG8gt completely stock. We did three 30mph rolls to 120mph I beat him all three times but the first two were only by a fender. The third race I beat him by 6 cars but he lost traction and had to let out. Also the 3rd run I was in manual shift mode got a way better launch. Then we did one from a dead stop. So I was happier with those results he treed me off the line I spun in first but when I shifted to second I put a car and a half on him and a couple more at the 1320 stripe. So my question is under launch conditions with traction control off it still activated at two different times. So do I have to have a tuner fix this problem. My 8 will be a daily but also a weekend and evening race car. Thanks guys.
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