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Up for sale is a set of four 2014-2015 forged Alcoa 19 x 8.5 inch wheels. These are unique in that they are polished only on the edges as you can see form the pics. These are genuine GM/Holden and were labeled as “export” wheels in the parts books from Holden. I got these from JHP in Australia in 2016. Apparently, Alcoa made a few batches of these but it is unclear what they ended up on from Holden - JHP speculated that perhaps exports of Commodores from Australia to the Middle East during model year 2013 and 2014. In any event, they are from my under 5K mile SS and they have never seen any water except from hand car washes. They are in great shape as expected from low mile, Sunday driver. One does have a small scratch and one has curb rash, both as seen in the pictures.

I went back to a staggered set since my plans for using the SS as a daily driver never came to fruition.

I am in Philly, PA area but drive to DC quite a bit and also will be taking a road trip to Miami in November and could meet anywhere along the I95 corridor.

Price is $1300 for the set and I would prefer not ship. I would consider selling individually but only if enough interest. I think I can guarantee that these are the only ones like them in this part of the world so an opportunity to own something truly unique...apparently, they didn’t make matching 9” wide rears or I would be keeping them.


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