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For Sale: Carbon fiber hood. Factory front brakes. Fuel pump boost a pump factory 6 disc head unit stereo charge cup LSA cold air intake engine cover

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I have some items I’m wanting to get rid of. All in working condition. Factory front rotors and calipers were replaced with brembos and work as they should. Still life left on the pads. Rotors could probably use a turn. Factory fuel pump with replaced with a ZL1 unit. No level sensor. Hood is a MAGG ZL1 style with carbon fiber center. Little rough. Purchased locally and haven’t messed with. Buyer responsible for all shipping costs. Thanks

MAGG hood-$800
Factory front brakes-$125
Factory fuel pump-SOLD
MSD B.A.P.-$125
Factory G8 engine cover-$50
Factory 6 disc changer stereo. Has two broken clips. Typical broken hazard button.-$100
Charge port cup-$25
Lsa CAI-$200
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Yes. I just dropped it off at the body shop…
Fixed and painted unless it sells. I’ll test fit it on my car and see how I like it
How interested are you? I hate your offer? Car color?
I’m not sure what it will cost. I’ve never shipped anything this size before
That’s kind of what I figured. I will post some pics of it once it’s cleaned up
Bump. Pulled my factory radio and cup w/ charging port this weekend for an Aerpro. I will also have a Vaporworx ZL1 pump and a 4" ZL1 intake for sale here shortly...
bump. Added some items. Thanks
did you decide to keep the hood?
Honestly not too sure yet. I started putting together another motor for my car so the hood is in the same state at the body shop. They said they want to get started on it or for me to pick it up so im going to take my car over there Friday so they can repair the ears and paint match. It’s still for sale honestly. I’ll post repair pics if i still have it.
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