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This is sort of a re-introduction, as I believe I was registered on this message board years ago.

Back in 2009, I bought my G8 GT (it was black, with all the usual equipment, nothing fancy), and my wife fell in love with it.

So, a couple of months after I bought mine, I bought her one (it was maroon, identically equipped to mine).

I was lucky enough to score the personalized Texas license plate "09G8GT".

His and Hers-1 by Jim Forte, on Flickr

Our commute was about 45 miles down an Interstate highway, and we carpooled as often as possible.

There were days, however, when I might have to go in earlier than she did, but we would convoy home in the evening.

It was a fun time.

We used mine as the normal transportation, and kept hers in the garage, so I racked up a bunch of miles, and with them, some issues with the car.

Eventually in 2013/2014, we traded them in on more sensible transportation.

While I owned them, I became of big fan of Holden racing in the V8 Supercars series.

I had been a Pontiac racing fan already, and the connection just made sense.

Coincidently, in my second marriage (I'm on #3 now), I bought my then wife a black 1990 Pontiac Grand Prix Turbo, one of the early ones, with all the whistles and bells.

Anyway, to make this boring tale shorter, I recently retired, and am downsizing a considerable collection of automobile and racing memorabilia.

Part of that collection is jackets and shirts from both Holden and Pontiac racing programs.

I have posted up pictures of the articles of clothing in two Flickr albums:

Holden: Holden Wear

Pontiac: Pontiac Wear

All items are Men's Large, which if you are aware of how European clothing is sized, their Large is a little bit bigger than our Large, but comfortable nonetheless.

None of the Holden items have ever been worn. I bought them through sellers in Australia, had them shipped over here, and put them on a hanger in a closet in a spare bedroom.

Some of the Pontiac items have been worn. I used to attend Nascar races in the 90's, when Pontiac had a presence, and would wear jackets and shirts to those events.

I am sure that this might not be the correct place to do this, however I am interested in divesting myself of all of the items, hopefully all of each type to one person, so save on shipping costs.

If this posting is inappropriate, please let me know, and feel free to move it to the appropriate location.

I will also understand if it is deleted.

Thanks, and if you are interested, please feel free to send me a Private Message on this site, I monitor it on a regular basis.

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Recall the original username? Would probably be advantageous to start a thread in the "parts" for sale section of the forum. Be sure to include, pictures, price and perchance the location of the items for sale.
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