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G8 fuel pump panel

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Does anyone here know where I can get a fuel pump access panel so I don't have to drop the gas tank , I know it's gonna be a pain of I have to drop it and looking for an alternative
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This is the only one I happen to know about. Out of stock right now.

If you Google fuel pump access panel, you might find some universal choices.
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G8Only Fuel Pump Access Panel - G8Only.com - Stop Being Slow
Contact them, request eta for stock.
I recall, Joe responds quickest with Facebook messenger.
I appreciate that , I cent seem to find any other way
Fwiw I left mine cut open under the seat. You could easily make your own with some sheet metal.
Many years ago used a piece of sheet metal, a few self tapping screws and high temperature adhesive to reseal an opening on another vehicle.
Can’t find another way? Can you draw a couple circles? The OD is 8.5”. Cut a circle of aluminum, plexiglas, your choice. Trace it on the floor. Trace your 7.5” circle inside, 1/2” inside of the first one. That’s your cut line. Do your pump work. Glue you 8.5” in place as a temp repair. Buy the G8 cover when it comes available.
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