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With my G8 off to greener pastures last week, I can now clear out my small stash of parts. All prices are OBO, but do not include shipping. I'm also able to meet up within a reasonable distance from western Connecticut.

PayPal, Venmo, or cold hard cash accepted.

18” OEM wheels (with Holden centers) in okay condition, with older Blizzak LM-60 snow tires with some amount of tread remaining. Need sensors - $300/set w/Holden center caps (also available separately) or $200/set without
Wheel Tire Automotive tire Tread Automotive design

Wheel Tire Automotive tire Tread Hubcap

Tire Wheel Automotive tire Tread Synthetic rubber

Wheel Tire Automotive tire Motor vehicle Automotive design

Tire Wheel Automotive tire Synthetic rubber Tread

(4x) 92246439 - Holden center caps for 18" wheels, used but mint - $125/set
Currency Silver Grey Tree Artifact

Automotive tire Rim Wood Circle Auto part

Mevotech upper rear control arms - $120/pair
Plastic Font Fashion accessory Transparency Metal

(1x) Leather-wrapped steering wheel, okay condition - $50
Vehicle Hood Motor vehicle Bicycle part Automotive exterior

Camaro transmission pan upgrade parts: (1x) 24250062 Trans pan, 24236933 - filter, and 24224781 - gasket - $60 SOLD
Stock springs (takeoffs) - $50/set SOLD
Whiteline steering rack bushing - $30 SOLD
4x) 13598771 - TPMS sensors DATE CODE 210520 - $40/set SOLD
SuperPro Polyelast motor mounts - $200/pair SOLD
Whiteline front sway bar mount bushings - $20/set SOLD
(1x) 92205488 - G8 badge, and 92205487 - GT trunk badges - $20/set SOLD

Slowly gaining acceptance
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Some of the hardware stuff I purchased for for a project I didn't get to, and to be honest at this point I don't even remember what it was. If anyone wants to combine items to save a little money. All of these are new in their original packaging. EDIT to correct my math error.

(3x) 92240165 - Carpet (Floor Mat) Retainer - $5/each
(4x) 11519388 - Bolt - $8/each
(x2) 11588734 - Bolt - $10/each
(2x) 92207444 - Retainer - $5/each
(4x) 11515638 - Nut - $5/each

$97 $50 (plus shipping) for the lot.

Rectangle Font Electric blue Fashion accessory Transparency

Rectangle Font Gas Electric blue Natural material

Slowly gaining acceptance
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And now for a small stash of more esoteric items that I bought a while back but never did anything with.
Maestro HRN-ANT-SAT1 satellite radio antenna adapter - $10
Brown Cosmetics Material property Liquid Font

RedYutou FAKRA"Z" HSD LVDS 535 Cable 4 Core Universal Video Cable, Car High Speed Transmission RGB Reversing Image Harness 50cm - $15
Rectangle Auto part Circle Wire Electric blue

Font Plastic Rectangle Transparency

Signstek SOIC8 SOP8 Flash Chip IC Test Clips Socket Adpter Programmer BIOS and SMAKN USB Programmer CH341A Series Burner Chip 24 EEPROM BIOS LCD Writer 25 SPI Flash - $25
Brown Rectangle Paper Paper product Peach

Wood Font Fashion accessory Cable Metal
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