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Let me preface that I rarely EVER get anyone to play, even though I'm always hoping...so this is definitely a rarity. And it's not really a kill... Nonetheless, it starts out like 99% of the other kill posts:

So, I was sitting at a red light... on one of the divided 4-lane parkways in the city. 2 city cops running lights and sirens cross the intersection right in front of me and turn left heading the opposite direction - clearly responding to something important. Interesting. Up ahead is about a mile stretch of road with no feeder streets until the next stop light. Slight uphill grade and turns very gradually to the left.

I notice the Mazda 6 that is to my left starts inching forward at the red light. I was hoping it was a Mazdaspeed 6 - I'd like to have a go. This is the whole reason I take this stretch of road which adds a couple of miles to my commute.

The Mazda keeps inching forward at the red. I keep thinking it has to stop or it's just gonna run the light. Finally he stops when his rear tires are past the stop line. It's not a Speed6...dud.

But wait! I hear a familiar V8 rumble next to me...clearly no muffler...pretty good lope. What the?? I turn my head to look behind the Mazda, and see the front of some sort of small red truck, but then Mazda takes off so I whip my head back around to see that the light turned green.

I get on it a little bit - mostly just to see if the Mazda really wanted to play. But I caught him before we even crossed the intersection - he didn't. But then I hear all hell break loose from the red truck behind the Mazda...he gets into it pretty good and that thing is LOUD. I mean race car loud. Maybe he thinks I want to play. :)

I glance in my side mirror to see the truck shoot around the Mazda and back into the left lane. Lowered stance, wide tires...and did I say loud? I mash the pedal in the G8 once I realize he's gassing it and she kicks down to second, barks the tires briefly and stops his pull at my driver's door.

We're haulin' ass, door-to-door for a few seconds. I'm not sure what gear I'm in when he slowly starts to pull for a bit, but then the G8 shifts again and I'm reeling him back in until my nose is back to his rear tires. I look down and am surprised to see we're going over 120. I get out of it, but he stays in it for a few more seconds and puts several lengths on me. But the light ahead is red.

I roll down my window and pull up next to him, giving him a thumbs up. I don't know trucks that well, but I'm guessing it was about a 2002-2004 S10, regular cab, lowered, nice chrome rims, wide rear tires. He rolls down his window and yells "good run!"

I ask, "What you got in that?"

He sort of throws his head back and laughs, "a 408!" Awesome. I reach into the center console and open my electric cutouts, and when the light changes we cruise down the next mile or so in traffic creating a sweet symphony of V8 music (and a lot of annoyed looks).
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