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GM Center Support Driveshaft Carrier Bearing

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Question on who makes the carrier bearing?

Ordered a carrier bearing from worldparts off ebay which was listed as a genuine GM part, when it arrived it was in a green plastic bag and no box other then the flat rate box it was shipped in. The part had 10004550 stamped on the bracket which is identical to the dorman part shown on the amazon link below. I contacted the seller who provided a return label and provided a full credit. I then ordered the genuine GM part from rockauto. It was delivered today and was in a box with a GM# 92189411. When opened it had the same green bag as the part from world parts and also had the same 10004550 part number as the worldparts item and also the Dorman part on amazon.

Any insight on who makes this and if the part with 10004550 is dorman or GM and most importantly whether its a decent part to use or is there a real genuine GM part or do I have it already?

Amazon Dorman Center Support Bearing
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Since the driveshaft carrier bearing came from Rock Auto in a General Motors box it should be legitimate. Have used Denso and Mitsubishi alternators, Motorad gas caps, and yikes various Dorman parts all arriving in General Motors boxes. Won't comment on Dorman parts quality.
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