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Sometime around thanks giving last year, I bought a Cortex 2950 from a member (it came unlocked and ready to use)
It had my stock settings saved on it and about 3 weeks ago it wouldnt turn on when plugged into the OBD2 but would turn on when plugged into PC. (at the time my vehicle was tuned to 91)

So I called customer support and they gave me a RMA number and had me send my tuner in to get repaired.
So I send it in, they fix it, I get it back...simple right? No..

Just the other day I get a package and I was so excited to see my tuner back and ready to play...but the one problem I am having is the tuner I got back wasnt my original one, it was the same model 2950, but I think it was a refurb.
It came with a paper saying my original was out of date and needed a new screen.

So my issue is my vehicle is tuned and my "new" tuner is "virgin" and doesnt have a stock program...rendering it pretty useless ATM.

I have read online and my understanding is I have 2 options...
1) take it to the dealer, have them attempt to reflash ECM/TCM back to stock.
2) Superchips might be able to send me a stock tune from my old tuner or from some type of "backup" that should have been preformed when ever I plugged in my tuner to my PC.

My only issue with option 1 is it would cost me $80 with tax and the service rep didnt seem to understand what I had going on.

I have tried emailing SC and called them but it has been a few days with no email response and every chance I get to call them they are closed (Im CST)

Im hoping someone from SC will see this and be able to help me directly.
I do also have my old tuners SN.
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