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It looks like TuneTime Performance (see vendor list) is going to help me replace the center muffler with an H-pipe. He seemed concerned with clearance and measurement issues, so I wanted to verify everything to make sure this is a quick easy job.

I'm not sure if StolenFox is still active, but is anyone else familiar with welding an H-pipe on?

I guess there's a few questions:
1) All 2.25" piping, correct?
2) Is there a hanger on the muffler being replaced?
3) What is the length of piping per side?
4) What is the spacing between sides of the H?
5) Are there flanges between the muffler and the cats?
6) Any clearance issues or other concerns?

Basically, I want to get a little info so I'm not going in blind. If it's going to be a major project and cost hundreds, it's best to know before I start. I believe Matt from TuneTime is a member here as well, so it may help him prepare. Hell, maybe he'll start making H-pipes for sale! hehe.

I may forward over the information to him, or I may not. He's the expert, so I don't want to step on his toes. You know the old saying: "$50/hour to do the work, $100/hour if you watch." I usually do everything myself and am overly curious, but don't want to annoy him to the point where I receive a swift groin kick.:slap:
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