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2012 Caprice PPV Phantom Black
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I swapped the whole mirror assemblies - but kept my white "caps" as the black PPV ones were very scratched up.

Mounting points are the same for all mirrors G8, PPV, SS.

G8 and 2011-2013 PPV mirrors have a 6-pin connector.
2014+ PPV and SS has a different connector with more pins, to accommodate puddle lights, blind-spot indication, etc.

2011-2013 PPV mirrors are outwardly the same as the G8 mirrors, I'm using the G8 caps on the PPV mirrors. The heated PPV mirrors were an option on the PPV detective trim only, not very common.

It should be possible to wire up 2014+ mirrors to work on an older car - but no new features as BCM/ECU support isn't there of course.
My 2012 Caprice 9C1 has heated mirrors. I think it just depends how the PD optioned the car. For example my 9C1 doesn’t have automatic headlights. All the others I’ve seen do. ¯\(ツ)
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