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Sorry, I was able to replace my trunk release, it turned out to be easy

Well, my truck actuator has died again, for 2nd time ( I have less than 50,000 miles on the car). I tried crawling through the opening in the back seat, looking for the cable release handle, not knowing that it is attached to the body panel behind the seat and not the trunk lid. Once you open the middle portion of the back seat, the loop handle is on your Left (mine was tucked into the trunk liner).

To help the next person:

To replace the trunk actuator, remove the black plastic panel that covers the actuator. There are four placed fasteners on the ends of the panel, that have a"T" shaped head (which the mesh liner hooks on to). Just pull up to remove the plastic panel and exposed the actuator. The actuator is attached with two bolts (12 mm hex head, there is plenty of room to use an open end wrench). Make sure to take a "sharpie" and outline the placement of the existing actuator; this will greatly reduce the amount of time to align the new actuator. To remove the cable release, take a screwdriver and manually open the latch (taking the tension off the cable); remove the plastic end of the cable and fish the balled end of the cable out of the latch. The electrical cable has a prong that needs to be retracted, and then the wiring comes out.

To install, start the threads on both bolts and align the new actuator with the sharpie marks, before fully tightening ( the sharpie outline can be easily removed with a little alcohol and a q-tip). Reinstall the cable release and the wiring, along with the plastic cover and the job is done. HINT: the plastic cover has a lip that needs to go under the tire cover: just pull the handle up.

Of course, before replacing the actuator, it would be wise to check for a blown fuse, first. The fuse for the actuator is in the small fuse box located near the driver's left knee (10 amp fuse).

Total time - under 15 minutes.

Even though it was easy enough to replace, I still wonder why my last one only worked for 1 year of light use. I really expected more out of GM, and I am out ANOTHER $90.

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Well, my truck actuator has died again, for 2nd time (have less than 50,000 miles on the car). I tried crawling through to opening in the back seat, put I can't find the release cable (it might be behind the trim?). I was hoping to not take it to the dealer, AGAIN. So does anyone have any suggestions for opening the trunk lid?

I have tried pressing the button on the keyfob and the release in the glove box, put the only thing that happens is the tail lights flash.

Any help would be greatly appreciated!
The release cable is behind the seat through the ski pass through. It's nowhere near the actual trunk lid like on other vehicles.
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