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Hi all, I've been doing my research on this forum as well as google but can't find the answer to my question. My G8 has about 55k on it and I'm thinking of upgrading to the FE3 struts like most other people. My tire size is 225/35 R20 and just eyeballing my tire it looks like I have about a 2 inch gap to my fenderwall. I want to upgrade my coils and was thinking of going with either the Eibach or SLP springs but I'm afraid that the drop will be too much for my car. Any insight would be helpful. Should I stick with my stock coils or upgrade to the Eibach/SLP's? Please correct me too if I'm wrong with the springs dropping the ride and not the struts doing it. Suspension is not up my alley.

I also think that the miles put on my car has already lowered it somewhat, so the full 1-1.5" drop wouldn't be as bad as that right?

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