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How do I do it? It's called the Universal Pad Washer by Grit Guard!

Let's face it, washing pads is the part of detailing that we hate doing. After all that buffing and wiping, you may want to throw those pads in a bucket and forget about them until later. This is not a good practice as it can cause your pads to wear out a little sooner than they normally would. Plus, you would probably need to wash them when you need to use them again, which would hold up your detailing regiment.

Well, there is an answer for that boring chore and as you will see in these videos, the Universal Pad Washer make child's play out of cleaning your pads. If this was something you really didn't look forward to, you are going to love this bucket! It works with just about every polisher out there so novices and professionals alike can take advantage of this sweet tool.

Check out the following videos and see for yourself. The secret to getting your pads as clean as possible is to wash them right away after use. Although the pads that I used in these videos had been dirty with PAINT for over a month, they still came relatively clean and it was quite easy. See for yourself!

As you will hear me say in these videos, this bucket is not cheap, however, the time and headaches that I save by using this bucket to wash my pads is more than worth it. I wish that I had seen a review like this back when I first saw these buckets because i would have bought one years ago. It really makes cleaning your pads a breeze!

The Junkman
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