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First off, i think the people at Walnut Creek ford are great people and that they dealt with me very fairly. That said, I only dealt with five of about twenty sales staff. So I hope that if there is a newbie looking to buy my old G8 from Walnut creek Ford, that they are looking here. Its the SRM one with black Camaro wheels. There are a few things I think you should bring up to them and ask that they address before you buy it.

First is the lifter tick. It happens almost every time you start it up after its been sitting for more than an hour. The dealership I bought the car from wouldn't fix it under warranty and that is one of a few reasons that I traded the car in and got a Mustang GT.

Second, the alternator has a bearing going out and whines like a supercharger. It was getting louder when I traded the car in.

Third, and this is a big one. The rear fenders were rolled with an effing baseball bat. I took it to a "friend" that said he had a tool to roll fenders. When I picked the car up after work the fender lips were mangled and the paint was chipping on the inside rolled portion and the tires still rubbed.

Fourth. I'm going to bunch a few in here because they're all in the same area. The trim around the front doors is torn and coming apart, the paint on the drivers side rocker panel right under the door is worn away right there on the top. It's from my foot rubbing on it when I get out of the car. I have a bad back and my right leg lost a lot of mobility for a while. Also the plastic on the drivers seat is held on by zip ties.

Last is that the steering wheel has a piece of foam right above the controls that is deforming. You may not notice it at first, but once you see one that doesn't have deformed bits, you'll notice it every time you drive.

That's all. I really loved that car and if my sons hasn't gotten so enormous and girlfriends daughter didn't always have to sit between two big sometimes sweaty teens then I'd probably have kept it regardless of all that stuff. But we decided that we needed something that had a third row of seats, so I took the opportunity to get my first ever brand new car.
So if there's anybody reading this that is looking at that car or knows somebody that is, please direct them to this thread or at least tell them about those issues. If the dealership corrects those problems pre sale I'm positive you'll love my old car.

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