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Hi Everyone. I have been looking through the “V6 engine Tech” section, but could not find much info. I have been noticing that my car has inconsistent engine performance. Generally after the 1st start of the day, the car seems a little less responsive. Engine seems to perform better after the 2nd start. But sometimes, engine power seems good after the 1st start too. Yesterday at around 10 pm, I was driving back home and the car performed really well. Normally I don’t get that kind of performance. It probably was my car’s best engine performance ever since I bought the car 2 years ago. Overall, I have not driven any other G8’s to compare my cars with in terms of performance, except for a couple of test drives that I took when I was looking to buy one.
My question is that if this kind of engine behavior is normal, or I should be concerned about something here. Can time of the day and the temp effect the engine performance in any way? I have seen that some people have suggested cleaning the MAF and changing the air filter. Could it be that I need new spark plugs ? I have 65000 Km’s which is a little over 40,000 miles on my car.

Any suggestions, tips will be highly appreciated.
Greetings azatrum,

Truly sorry to hear about the engine performance concerns. Have you been to a GM dealer for an official diagnosis? Please let us know if you would to enlist their certified services. You can private message me at anytime if you continue to experience this and would like a visit scheduled.


William R.
GM Customer Care
1 - 1 of 25 Posts
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