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So I've had this crazy squeak from my front right for awhile and it's been slowly driving me insane. The front end passenger side would sounded like a rusty bed spring on a honeymoon weekend. LOUD. Loud enough that I had to apologize to passengers. "Bad bushing", I would say. I checked the normal stuff, couldn't find anything obvious, and figured it was a suspension bushing of some kind after 165,000 miles.

Then the the eureka moment came...I finally realized that the sound was worse at higher speeds of 75+. Something to do with air pressure on the front end? Not a downforce kind of car, so couldn't be suspension getting pushed down. Body maybe? YUP.

Pulled off the inner tire liner and found that one of the two 10mm nuts holding the rear top corner of the bumper on to the fender was missing. That sound was the sound of a threaded stud from the bumper squeaking against the fender, and apparently the bumper flexing at speed was causing the post to tighten up and get louder. Scraping against the fender hole probably made it act like a speaker which was why is was so damn loud inside the car. Put a 10mm nut on there, tightened it up. Went out on the highway and tested it out. Solved. Silence. Glorious silence. Shook my fist in the sky and proclaimed YOU HAVE NOT BEATEN ME TODAY. TODAY I WIN.

Drove around for 8 months with this F#%@# sound. Took ten minutes to fix. Sometimes I hate cars.
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