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Thanks again Elliott @ ModBargins for setting me up with the new wheels!

I'll post more pics when it stops raining and I can clean up the car. I also need some lug nuts.

Eurosport Monza Gunmetal Machined Face
19 x 8.5" ET35
19 x 9.5" ET40

245/40ZR-19 BFGoodrich g-Force Sport COMP-2
275/35ZR-19 BFGoodrich g-Force Sport COMP-2

No rubbing so far - Stock suspension

First impressions - Three of the four wheels balanced up with little effort, one of the rears used more weights than I'd like. I've always been a fan of machined surface with dark inserts if only because they look cleaner longer, the brake dust simply blends in with with dark inserts. Coming from an E39 M5, I've always felt the GXP should have come with not only wider wheels but staggered from the factory. It looks so much nicer (and needs to be lowered).

Tires - So far the comp-2s have been disappointing. I purchased these from The Tire Rack based on their tests and mainly positive feedback. Unfortunately, they are not as sticky as I was expecting. I swear the stock all season tires from the factory were/are better, and that's even with a more narrow tread. Oh well, live and learn.

So again, more pics when I get a clean car and lug nuts, but so far I'm loving the look.


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I'm trying to located a spare front fitment black with machined face wheel if anyone happens to know where I can get one. Evidently these wheels arent available anymore. Modbargains has one set and they wont split it up.
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