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Hey guys. I wanted to post this up since people have been chatting about another gathering.

The Ontario Grand Prix club OQCGP is having our spring BBQ/meet-greet this Sunday in Mississauga. Although the club's been very poor at attracting enthusiasts who own succession platforms like the G8, as an OQ member for 14 years I know any G8 owners would be extremely welcome to come join and show off their rides.

The former OQ club president is here on the boards (Knickle) and will be there I'm sure with his G8; there will be plenty of older members there with our latest vehicles as well including a few G8s, some Camaros, me in my Trailblazer SS (and last year I had my Dodge Magnum) etc so you won't feel out of place at all.

Date: Sunday May 19th 2013

Time: 11:00AM - Whenever

Location: Richards Memorial Park Mississauga, link below.

http://www.mississauga.org/directory/pa ... orial-park

Who: Attendance is free to all Club members, their family, friends, guests and pets.

Club supplied food:
***** I will be bringing the food, BBQ supplies, condiments, cutlery etc. The cost will be $4 for a sausage, hambuger or cheeseburger. I will be selling food tickets and would appreciate exact change please. When you add your name to the attendee list below also include your order so I know how much food to buy. Beverages are not included this year.

You are also free to bring your own food and drinks (no alcohol or alcoholic beverages please).

*****Come and meet old and new friends, see the cars, enjoy the hospitality, fun and food
*****Bring your car parts etc for sale/swap
*****Park is great for photo-ops
*****Raffle draws for amazing prizes donated by our Club Sponsors- TBD at this point.
*****OQCGP Club Cruise maybe. Donald setup a short cruise for after the BBQ last year which included a large parking lot for more photo ops and finished at the infamous Timmies at Dundas and 403 for the usual parking lot gap session. If someone wants to do this again this year LMK and I'll add it to the agenda!


Buy a piece of OQCGP history, we will have the last 10 pairs of reflective silver club decals to sell for $15/pr. along with 20 business cards for $5.

Door Prizes:

The famous Shimmy Brisk plugs.

Caution and Disclaimer: Members are strongly warned against performing Stunts,
burnouts, tires squealing, etc. Remember that this is a Public Park with other users around and the Park rules govern. For the
Club Cruise the rules of the road govern - obey all road signs, no speeding, no racing, no stunts, no un-necessary passing,
cars to remain in convoy until the cruise ends. The Club will not be responsible for illegal actions and will act on any complaint -
including Club suspension or permanent ban.
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