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It's gone for now... or is it? No, its back.But what about now? Nope, It's gone for good. Until........

OK just how long is this Saga going to last

Just watched the Fox video (Repost)

I can't take this any more.....
Just how many times can a car die and then be reborn

Every car enthusiast forum you go to
whether its VW,Ford,Camaro whatever
Its the same topic
The G8 is back..... or is it? No, its back,But......

The way car enthusiasts go on about this car your surprised
GM didn't sell 200 000 of these.I supposed that's the
problem.Like Elvis this car was more popular dead than alive

Anyway all I'm saying I will not believe any more stories
that the G8 is coming back re badged .I don't care how good the source is until I see THIS CAR WITH MY OWN EYES !!!!!!!

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... if you can recall Lutz makes a lot of statements that he has to start backpeddling on soon after making them. What he says is always right or right on the mark but it doesn't alway follow along with how the corporation wants to go on record as saying. Reading between the lines, I think the car will be a Caprice but they are keeping quite about it having just emerged from bankruptcy and having the American taxpayer as a majority shareholder. They don't want to hear the backlash from the pundits who are gonna try and make a news story out of the revelation and say " hey, we gave you the money to survive and you're going right back to building gas guzzlers" ! So hang in there folks, they didn't talk a 77 year old man out of retiring because they needed a figure head. He's the greatest automotive product genius since Harley Earl and I'll bet my X wife's flabby ass that what Lutz says will happen.
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