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BMR Suspension will pay half of the racer's entry fee for the NMCA LSX Shootout. Racer's can purchase BMR products for 25% Off and Free Shipping until October 31, 2011.

Race vehicle must display the large BMR decal (18" x 12") on the back window, rear quarter panel, or door panel for the entire event. Race vehicle must have at least 1 BMR Suspension product installed on the car. Race vehicle cannot display decals from other suspension manufacturers.

Here's How It Works:
After you get to the event, stop by the BMR Trailer and we will give you a decal to display. After the decal is on the window, come back to the BMR Trailer and collect your cash. If you are interested in purchasing product, we can take your order (and credit card info) at the track and ship your parts for free within a few days after the race.

Ordering BMR Parts Before the Race:
Place your order like normal and pay the regular price including shipping. You can place your order online or call a BMR Sales Tech, but you must order directly from BMR. Stop by the BMR Trailer at the event and join Team BMR. After the event, we will refund your credit card for 25% of the retail price plus the shipping price. Already ordered your parts? That’s ok. We’ll make this offer retroactive to any BMR product ordered since August 1, 2011. This offer applies to BMR product only.

Ordering BMR Parts After the Race:
Stop by the BMR Trailer at the event and join Team BMR. After the event, call BMR directly and order your parts. Let the Sales Tech know that you were a Team BMR member and he will apply the 25% discount and free shipping to your order. Remember, you must have at least 1 BMR Suspension product on your car at the event to join Team BMR.

BMR Dealers:
You can participate, too. You must follow the same requirements as the other racers. You can purchase product for an additional 10% off of your normal discount. Free Shipping also!! However, the product must be installed on your shop vehicle and must remain there for the rest of the race season. This must be the same shop vehicle that is being raced at this event.
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