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Congrats to VegasNate and incon3037R!

First and foremost I would like to thank Boomer for taking such a great photo of Nate and my rides. Thanks to Nate for posting the photo and giving me the honors of writing something. Lastly I would also like to thank every member who voted for us Vegas boys.

Before purchasing my G8 I my daily driver was a 1997 front wheel drive turbo charged Nissan 200sx that put 421 whp and 375 ft lb. YEAH, YEAH, YEAH, I know incon037r is a ricer!!!

The reason I chose to get rid of the Nissan is because I was turning the big 30 at the time and thought I needed to move into something a little more befitting my age.

After test driving several other imports IE; G37, IS350 and Hyundai Genesis (V8), my buddy called me up who drives a GTO told me about the G8 GT which I had never heard or seen before. Once I test drove the G8, I was some what reluctant since my Nissan was so much faster. After a week or so of researching it and looking at photos, the aggressive looks of the G8 got me hooked. I ordered one from Findlay Chevrolet through there Pontiac store in Arizona and it was delivered to my front door the same week.

Being that this was my first rear wheel/ American car that i have ever owned I was unsure what direction I wanted to go for look wise. So I told myself that I would stick to what I know and encompass my import heritage and use the styling ques I was accustomed to. After I started modifying the exterior I fell more in love with the G8 especially since I was getting compliments on a regular basis, which is something I never got in my Nissan. When I started adding power adders I realized how well the motor took to modifications and how much torque I've been missing out on.

I will always have a soft spot for fast imports as you can see from my styling ques, but I'm happy with the G8. Everyone already knows Nate's mods!!! So I've listed mine below

2008 Liquid Red G8 GT
Roto Fab Intake,
Kooks Long tube Headers
Corsa Cat-back exhaust w/ polished mufflers
Pedders Xa's
Forgestar wheels 20x9.5 (F) and 20x10.5 (R)
GXP front bumper and rear diffuser
Clear side markers
Custom black arrow heads and rear emblems
Painted Mat black roof with custom Australian flag
Maverick Man Carbon spoiler, lower bumper insert, kidney grills and real soon the carbon fiber hood!

Not installed:
New Era DOD Delete cam package w/ Yella Tera rocker arms

Future mods:
D1SC Procharger w/ 3 core intercooler
Big Brake Kit

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