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Last night was on my way home when a blacked out TBSS flew by me. i was doing around 75 like the good guy i am, so i guessed he was goin about 95. i caught up to him and gave him the typical nod. He nodded back and we slowed down to about 35. I revved to give him a fair chance to let him know what i had, and he did the same. His truck was a pretty deep, but sounded like it was all exhuast (looked magnaflow). I didnt hear a wine or headers, but heard a potential CAI. I knew i was going to dust him. I gave him the liberty of the 3 honks and he floored it. He jumped out quickly because he went early (of course) but after that i had about 3 cars on him so i killed it at 130. Another good day to be driving a G8GT. Gotta love these cars.
1 - 1 of 2 Posts
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