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l99 in a G8

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So I have a wrecked 2012 camaro ss with a huge amount of money invested in the l99 engine. I have afm deleted but kept vvt. So does anyone know if the 2009 G8 GT ecm be able and control the vvt on the l99. Because I pulled a 2009 G8 GT 6.0 tune from the repository from hp tuners and the tune has the vvt parameters for vvt and looks identical to the 2012 tune but everything is zeroed out.
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No personal experience. Several threads on HPTuners where people are asking for help to make it work and not receiving any.

This thread has no responses, but its apparently not as easy as just flipping the toggle to on.

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Yeah I'm thinking it would be best to get a non vvt cam or get another Camaro.
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