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Save 10% AND get free shipping on LED Ambient Light Kits this week at PFYC - PartsForYourCar!

Use promo code LIGHTMEUP until March 15, 2013.

Whether you want to add a splash of color or excitement or just need additional interior lighting in your car, we have the kit for you.

This premium quality LED interior ambient light kit is made literally to OEM standards (some OEMs actually use this very kit in their production vehicles). Control up to four flexible lighting strips with a total of 48 LEDs with two intensity levels and 8 different colors from the touch of a button. This kit uses very little power, comes with a low profile switch and all the hardware you need to install it, and even has a color memory once you find your favorite setup.

  • Standard kit comes with two flexible lighting strips. Add 2 additional for the backseat area as an option
  • Each strip has 4 "pods" of LEDs (12 total), is 12 inches long and 3/8 inch wide and comes with a 6 foot wiring harness
  • Colors: red, green, blue, white, violet, amber, aqua, and pink (each available in high or low brightness)
  • Each strip is adhesive backed for stick-on mounting or you can use the zip ties included (mounting strips also included for alternate installation)
  • All LEDs connected to the power unit will illuminate with the same color (synchronized)
  • Power required: 1/2 amp, fused at 3.5 amps with the 12 foot long, 18 gauge included harness
  • 2 hour timer, with auto-shut off (keyed ignition power source recommended)
  • Low profile, multifunction switch includes a 30 inch harness with a quick-connected fitting
  • Press the button to change color for a total of 16 color selections plus "off"
  • Press and hold to save the color setting and turn off
  • Color choice is saved when power is removed
Base system includes
  • 2 LED strips
  • Control module
  • Low Profile Control Switch
  • All harnesses
  • Hardware bag (adhesive, zip ties, wiring, etc)
Optional add-ons:
  • 2 extra LED strips (the control module supports 4 maximum, and the base kit comes with 2)
  • Power Connect Kit: makes installation simple by connecting to the back of your cigarette lighter socket (works on most late model GM, Dodge, Chrysler - ask us if you need to verify your vehicle)

Click the image below to get yours:


LED Ambient Interior Lighting Kit at PFYC - PartsForYourCar



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