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Looking into buying a G8 GT. What mileage is too much?

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Hey everyone, I am looking into buying a G8 GT in the next week or two. Found one near my home town with 144k miles on it for 17k dollars. Is it worth it or should I go for a lower mileage for a few more thousand dollars? And overall what is a life expectancy of a 2008-09 G8 GT? What do the repairs look like after 100k miles? Also what would be some good things to check out while I'm looking at the car and test driving it?
Thank You
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Not sure where you are located or the condition of the car, but that seems on the high side with that mileage although one sold at auction today for almost $19k with fees but ~ 20k less miles.

A member has one listed here for $16k with ~ 20k less miles I would take a look at.

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