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I have traded in my G8 GT and have LOTS of parts and goodies for sale. I never had the spare time to make my G8 what I wanted it to be. Therefore, many items are new and have never been used. All of these parts will work on GT models, with some also working on base and GXP models. Due to the large number of photos, they are hosted on Photobucket in order with the corresponding numbered description. I will take more pictures of items on request. These items will also be listed on the other forum, with timestamp of "I'll take..." getting priority. Prices are firm and very fair. Prices are the shipped price, unless local pick up is stated. Payment through PayPal with no added fees.


1)New GXP (FE3 suspension) front struts, part #92217535 & 92217536. $150 for the pair shipped. SOLD

2)New GXP (FE3 suspension) rear shocks, part #92269786. I have 4 shocks total and will sell them in pairs for $100 shipped. ALL SOLD

3)New Pro-Race 25% under drive pulley, part #32561. I will also include the necessary Dayco belts (part # 5040410 & 5060745), an ARP harmonic balancer bolt (part# 2342503), and a LS3 harmonic balancer bolt (part # 11570163). The LS3 balancer bolt is longer and can be used to properly seat the pulley during installation. $150 shipped for everything. SOLD

4)New BMR sway bar kit for front and rear, part #SB012 & SB013. Sway bars fit are new and still in plastic wrap. $300 shipped. SOLD

5)BMR subframe connectors and tunnel brace, part #SFC013 & DTB004. Used but in good shape with just some minor marks on the tunnel brace. I have all the bolts but cannot locate the 4 mounts that hold the subframe connectors to the car. You should be able to get these separately through BMR for relatively cheap. $200 shipped. SOLD

6)New Whiteline poly strut mounts and bushings,part # W41772. Box has been misplaced, but these were never installed. $125 shipped. SOLD

7)New Thermoquiet rear brake pads, part #QC1352. Included is a new Raybestos rear brake hardware kit, part # H5838A. $25 shipped. SOLD

8)New Hawk Performance Ceramic front brake pads, part # HB606Z.650. Included is a new Raybestos front brake hardware kit, part # H5837A. $50 shipped. SOLD

9)New GM caliper bolts, part # 92172963. These are the bolts that attach the caliper to the knuckle. The bolts are supposedly torque-to-yield and are to be replaced after removal. 5 bolts new in packaging, $20 shipped. SOLD

10)New Centric Premium front brake rotors, part # 120.62114. $75 shipped for the pair. SOLD

11)New Centric Premium rear brake rotors, part # 120.62113. $75 shipped for the pair. SOLD

12)New DBA 4000 front drilled/slotted brake rotors, part # DBA42028XS. $150 shipped for the pair. SOLD

13)New DBA 4000 rear drilled/slotted brake rotors, part # DBA42029XS. $150 shipped for the pair. SOLD

14)Rotofab engine cover and necessary hardware. I purchased these as bare aluminum and had an auto body friend paint them late-1960’s Pontiac engine blue. The paint job isn’t perfect, but they were also clear coated and will hold up to engine bay heat. $150 shipped. SOLD

15)New Moog rear sway bar links, part #K750561. Greaseable and much thicker than the factory links. $30 shipped for the pair. SOLD

16)New Moog front sway bar links, part # K750163& K750162. Greaseable and much thicker than the factory links. $40 shipped for the pair. SOLD

17)New GM MAF sensor, part # 213-3827. The honeycomb was replaced with a SaxonPC 4:1 cell ratio honeycomb to allow better air flow. $40 shipped. SOLD

18)New Dr. Colorchip paint chip repair kit in White Hot, paint code 11U/WA679F. This is the Standard Touch-Up Paint Kit. $30 shipped. SOLD

19)Ported throttle body, part # 217-1617. Throttle body was purchased new and ported by LS2 Port Works. It was used for around 10K miles and will work on all 08-09 GT’s EXCEPT for 2009.5 models. Included are 4 ARP throttle body bolts, part# 770-1006. $200 shipped. SOLD

20)Coverking Triguard gray car cover. Custom fitted to the exact shape of the G8, it even has an insert for the roof antenna. Cover was used for 2 winter seasons and is in great shape with no stains or tears. $80 shipped. SOLD
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