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Hey guys I recently built an ls3 used long block for my 2009 Pontiac g8 Gt. Wasn't sure of the history so I decided to do a fresh rebuild. This is my 3rd LS engine I have built so im not brand new with building LS engines, but this was my first ls3. My other two motors made great power too, but im disappointed with the power the ls3 put down so far. Not sure if im expecting to much, or I might have done something wrong. Everything was machined, balanced, plasti gauged, and checked over thoroughly. My tuner is a well known tuner so I don't believe it is his fault. He tried to add timing but the car wouldn't take it. Car only put down 415 to the wheels which I feel is super low. Car sounds and runs great though. Drivability is amazing just I was expecting more around 450-480ish. Something doesn't seem right to me. Info on my build below.

Motor 2011 ls3 out of Camaro ss (6 speed car)
Block was bored .020 over, king main rod and cam bearings, flat top pistons w/valve reliefs, stock crank polished, stock rods, mahle plasma moly rings, ls7 lifters, melling high volume oil pump, billet timing set, arp cam and rod bolts. stage 3 texas speed cam 231/246 .640/.615 111lsa, tsp springs, tsp push rods, trunnion upgraded rockers. ls9 head gaskets. circle d 3200-3400 stall.
heads stock 821 ls3 fully ported by wilkes performance, ported stock intake and throttle body, fast 65# injectors, kooks 1-7/8 headers, custom full exhaust, zl1 mufflers,


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