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Ok, I'm really looking for some professional insight here.

I have an 09 G8 base. Currently running 245/45-18 potenzas.

I have carryover snow tires from my G6 I REALLY want to reuse. They are great tires, and they only have 1-2 seasons on them. They are 225/60-16. Size-wise, I know I'm golden, as it's only a 0.2% difference vs stock. Score!

NOW, here's where I am getting flustered.

The G6 wheels are 5x110 ET38.

I was HOPING I could just have some wheel adapters made to convert from 5x110 to the 5x120 hub. But, I see I have other issues.

Firstly, the stock offset. What IS the real stock offset? I've seen multiple numbers thrown out: 30, 35, 48, and even 48 in front, 57 in back.

I need a spacer to compensate for the difference in offset. I want the snow tires to sit in the same position relative to the fender that the stock tires did. Not a big deal, but one more obstacle.

Secondly, I realized the hub bore is probably inconsistent. Now I can't figure out the precise size of the bore, and it isn't stamped on the wheel, so I have nothing to go on.

My question is, will the hub bore be an issue? Does anyone have info on what the hub bore for the G6 vs G8 is? If so, is it worth getting some sort of adapter for THAT too, and combine that with a bolt pattern adapter, or should I just start looking for a new set of wheels? And if it comes to that, what can you find folks at DTD recommend that is inexpensive and will fit my tires?

Thanks in advance for anyone's help!

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Thank you for the post ragingfish.

We do not recommend the use of spacer adapters. Even with them though the chances of clearing your 16" G6 wheels is slim.

We would be happy to help you put together a 17" winter package if you decide to go this route. Give us a call at 1.888.459.4080 and anyone of our sales agents would be happy to help you select the best set-up for your needs and budget.

Let us know if we can be of further assistance.
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