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So just to give some background first, I have pacesetter lt's with 3 inch exhaust, thunderbolt high flow cats, x pipe, and now maxflow mufflers. I just switched to the maxflows from spintech pro shoot out mufflers. The car is cammed as well.

The spintechs had an amazing wot sound but the drone was almost too much to handle on long trips. As its my dd I opted to get the maxflows because I researched on here quite a bit and people were giving maxflows a "little to no drone" rating.

That being said I drove the car home from the muffler shop and honestly the drone is still about the same. It's quieter at higher rpms but the drone is more than just noticeable. I think at idle, the bass rumble is almost more than the spintechs.

Any suggestions on how to kill the drone. I'm not in to the j pipes as I tried that with my spintechs and it didn't phase them at all.

Thanks in advance guys.
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