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Hey guys,

So it's been made official! We will be sponsoring an event at ButtonWillow, Saturday June 22nd, and we want you there! Details are below, and if you have ANY questions, please don't hesitate to ask on the thread, or you can PM or email me at [email protected].

SpeedTrialUSA is back, and we're working with them in conjunction for this event. Nothing will be out of the ordinary if you're used to track days. Tech inspection is required, and can be done here at our location. For those of you who sign up and pay for the track day, you will be given the tech sheet so you can tech your own vehicle, you can bring it to us, OR you can have it done at the track, whichever is more convenient for you. All potential racers that day will be under the strict safety guidelines of SpeedTrialUSA.

Early sign up pricing is $150 and needs to be paid up front (cannot pay at the door for this event). One week prior to the event June 15th, price will go up to $175, so make sure to purchase BY the 14th, that Friday so we can process your payment for the $150 amount.

Typically for ButtonWillow entrance to the track will be allowed at 6:50AM and will end at 7:45AM (Subject to change). Drivers meeting will start shortly after that, before 8:00AM.

- Tow Hook/Tow Point on Vehicle, (front is required - Rear recommended).
- Car numbers are required (tape is acceptable) - Must be 8" tall at least, and on both sides of the vehicle including the rear of the vehicle as well.
- Tech must be completed prior to event, or at the track - Forms can be provided over email.
- Helmets are required
- No opened toed shoes allowed

We have a total of 25 spots available. Due the fact that most of us will not be running in just one giant group due to the skill level differences, likely we will be all mixed into several different groups varying on skill level (Beginner - If you've never been on the track / Intermediate - If you've been on a track before but it's been some time / Advanced - You frequent the track and feel comfortable with other advanced drivers). The last we would want is to have everybody in one intermediate group to find that there are first timers, holding up drivers who do this on a weekly basis.

In order to set up payment, I would need to be reached on the phone so we can process the $150 charge before June 15th, or after June 15th for $175. Payment once again will not be accepted at the track for organizational purposes since it's our sponsored event. Please add your name to the list below if you're signing up for the track day. Please list your first name, last Initial as I have done below, along with your vehicle you are bringing and your car number too please. Once you have done so please contact me directly at 714.582.3330 extension 8002, or ask for Jurrian so I can take care of that.

June 22nd ButtonWillow/ModBargains:
1. Jurrian T. / 2013 Mustang GT / #58
2. Alyssa T. / 2012 VW GTI / #13

Please contact me directly if you have any questions over email or phone ([email protected]) 714.582.3330 extension 8002!
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