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Superchips Announces Release of
Two Downloadable Advanced Tuner ’Apps’

Superchips continues to lead the charge with vehicle tuning innovations that matter for consumers. Superchips announces their tuners are now enabled to handle software applications, commonly know as ‘apps’. Two vehicle tuning software applications are now available, the first of many advanced tuning apps available via Superchips internet update.

Superchips current generation of tuners, five-button Flashpaq and Cortex, were originally designed with software app capability in mind making it possible for customers to take advantage of new technology advances. The development of new apps is ongoing and will be available to customers via download to their Superchips tuner allowing for a personalized vehicle experience.

Current applications available are the Superchips exclusive GO-2 Tuning Application and Data Acquisition Application. To get either application a customer has to update their Flashpaq or Cortex using Superchips Internet Update software. Some apps are available for a nominal fee using Superchips Internet Update computer program. Application pricing varies depending on the features and functions of the app. Many popular apps like data acquisition are available free of charge.
GO-2 Tuning App
Superchips GO-2 Tuning Application for Flashpaq and Cortex is a response to numerous customer requests. There are no other products on the market today with this capability. GO-2 allows a customer to tune two vehicles at the same time letting their existing tuner do all the programming of both vehicles in the driveway. The application works whether both vehicles are gas, diesel or one of each. Currently the application is available for Ford and GM and both vehicles must be from the same OEM family. Superchips is working on new vehicle applications and coverage capability for the in-demand application. GO-2 is currently available for only $199 saving between 40 - 50% off the price of the second tuner.

Data Acquisition App
Basic Data Acquisition provides a tuner with data logging capabilities including: timed runs, 0 to 40 through 0 to 70 MPH, last run history, best speed and times history, and 60 foot through ¼ mile logging. Advanced Data Acquisition provides OBD-II PID (Parameter ID) display support including: air and fuel data, Mass Air Flow rates and temperature, ignition timing, injector fuel rates, direct sensor information, diagnose faulty sensor, monitor fluid temperatures, view powertrain data, engine and transmission sensor data. Both data acquisition software is FREE to download.

If you have any questions on these options or anything Superchips related please let me know.


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Here is the list of General Motors vehicles applicable for the Go-2 multi vin application in the 2865 Flashpaq and 2950 Cortex programmers:

Escalade 07-08 6.2L
01-07 5.3L
01-06 6.0L
99-00 5.7L
CTS-V 05-05 5.7L LS6 04-04 5.7L LS1, LS6
Silverado SS 99-08 6.0L
Silverado 1500 05-08 6.0L
Silverado 1500, Silverado XFE 2009 5.3L

Silverado 1500 05-09 6.0L, 5.3L, 4.8L
Silverado 1500 HD 99-04 6.0L
Silverado 2500, 3500
07-08 6.6L LMM Diesel
02-07 6.6L LB7, LLY, LBZ Diesel
01-01 6.6L LB7 Diesel
Silverado 2500, 3500 2009 6.0L
Silverado 2500 (New Body), 3500 (New Body) 07-08 6.0L
Silverado 2500 (Classic Body), 3500 (Classic Body) 05-07 6.0L
Silverado 2500 99-00 7.4L
Silverado 2500 HD, 3500 HD
01-07 8.1L
99-00 7.4L
99-04 6.0L
99-00 5.7L, 5.0L
Avalanche 01-02 8.1L
99-09 6.0L, 5.3L
Suburban 01-07 8.1L
99-09 6.0L, 5.3L
99-00 7.4L, 5.7L

Tahoe XFE 2009 5.3L

Tahoe 99-09 5.3L, 4.8L
99-00 5.7L
SSR 05-06 6.0L
03-04 5.3L
Trailblazer SS 06-08 6.0L
Trailblazer 03-04 5.3L

Camaro Z28, Camaro SS 99-02 5.7L LS1
Cobalt SS 08-09 2.0L Turbo
Corvette ZO6 06-08 7.0L LS7
01-04 5.7L LS6
Corvette 2006 6.0L LS2
Corvette 2005 6.0L LS2

Corvette 99-04 5.7L LS1
HHR SS 08-09 2.0L Turbo
Impala SS 06-08 5.3L LS4 (FWD)
Monte Carlo SS 06-07 5.3L LS4 (FWD)
Sierra 1500 05-08 6.0L
99-09 5.3L
05-09 4.8L
2006 4.3L

Sierra 1500 HD 05-08 6.0L
Sierra 2500, 3500 07-08 6.6L LMM Diesel 02-07 6.6L LB7, LLY, LBZ Diesel
01-01 6.6L LB7 Diesel
Sierra 2500 (New Body), 3500 (New Body) 07-09 6.0L
Sierra 2500 (Classic Body), 3500 (Classic Body) 05-07 6.0L
Sierra 2500 HD, 3500 HD
01-07 8.1L
99-00 7.4L
99-04 6.0L
C/K Series 99-00 5.7L, 5.0L
Envoy 03-04 5.3L
Denali 07-08 6.2L

Suburban 99-00 7.4L, 5.7L
Yukon, Yukon XL 99-09 5.3L, 4.8L

Yukon XL 01-07 8.1L
99-04 6.0L, 5.3L
Yukon XL Denali 05-08 6.0L

H3 Alpha, H3T Alpha 08-09 5.3L
H2 07-08 6.2L
05-07 6.0L
Ascender 03-04 5.3L

G8 GT 08-09 6.0L
Solstice GXP 07-09 2.0L Turbo
Grand Prix GXP 06-08 5.3L LS4 (FWD)
GTO 05-06 6.0L LS2
5.7L LS1, LS6

Firebird 99-02 5.7L LS1, LS6
Trans Am 99-02 5.7L LS1, LS6

Sky Redline 07-09 2.0L Turbo

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Nice. I might go for the two tune option soon. Just FYI, there are no Avalanche models prior to 2002. There was no 7.4l option for the Avalanche as well that I know of.
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