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I have a very ugly crack on my front bumper that I will be dealing with soon. The way I see it I have 3 choices of repair.

Professionally patched and repaired---$150

New bumper--- $550 from gm parts direct so I figure $750 shipped. Another $250 or so for paint and install.

Used bumper--- anywhere from $150-$500. Most share the same crack as my bumper.

Now the explanation about the crack. When I bought the car it was there and patched with a metal bracket. I had the dealer fix it and I was happy. When my splitter was installed the bondo cracked. It wasn't visible so no big deal. Then a few weeks later I ended up in a ****ty parking lot and my front ended bottomed out resulting in what you see in the picture below.

So I'd like opinions on which way to go. I really don't want to have this happen again so that is why I'm considering a bumper (if a gxp bumper was available this would be a no brainer). The patch is the most reasonable but a used bumper that only needs a refinish would be best (my concern is shipping).

So opinions? Other options?

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I'm in a very similar situation to you but found a used bumper to replace mine that was in good condition.

I was told by a couple of body shops that fixing it wouldn't last forever and much like you said, the crack would reappear. Your only option is to look for used ones or buy one new.

FYI the prices of new ones have been going up a lot lately so don't wait for a long time if you are going that route.
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