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Hey just wanted to give you guys a heads up.

I traded my G8 in on a new Camaro recently in NJ and it found its way to a used car dealership in CA. Found it by Googling the VIN.

Edit: removed the link, it's gone.

The car has some good basic mods and is in overall great shape in and out.

-Konis with stock springs, new front strut mounts
- Holden Steering Wheel (similar to GXP) and shift knob
- Roto-fab with almost new dry filter
- Mid muffler replaced with x pipe, exhaust otherwise stock
-VMS 93 octane tune, stock trans tune
-Super sport tires with approximately 2/3 tread left
- Rotors and pads replaced at 45k
-Camaro trans pan and new fluid right before I traded it in.
-Always used Pennzoil Ultra oil.

The bad, the front bumper was torn on a parking block by the previous owner and repaired. Its underneath and not super noticeable but its not perfect.

It was starting to make a very faint occasional squeal/whine at low speeds while turning in a parking lot. Although it functioned perfectly I thought this may indicate it would need a new power steering rack ($1,000) at some point soon.
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