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New 09 GT owner

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Recently purchased from another Ed, former coworker, who bought it new & put 154K on it, and who just replaced it with a red 2017 SS.
I drove it when it had 150K less on it (ie right after he got it), and thought it was 'milder' than my 04 GTO re noise & ride, my general impression maybe putting a mile on it back in 09. Never thought I'd end up with it 14 yrs later.
He's really picky, so well taken care of. Looks very good for being as old & as driven as it is.

Car Wheel Tire Vehicle Vehicle registration plate
Automotive tail & brake light Vehicle registration plate Car Vehicle Automotive lighting

put 55 mi on it, driving it from his place to ours, to the store & Carl's Jr last Fri (cheesesteak breakfast burrito, yum) and today around the block (also because street sweeping here) Have yet to figure out how to set clock, or get familiar w/how radio works, etc etc. Will sit down with owners manual later tonight.

Plan is to drive to Yellowstone, via other National Parks in Utah, in a couple months as will be more comfy than the GTO.
So... before we go, things to check on? Don't think he's ever had any major mechanical repairs done that I know of.
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Thanks All.
bought a TomTom GPS - yes, you read that right - because was charging the wife's flip phone in the car on the way over
Soon to head to Zion, Bryce Canyon, Arches NPs, and then Rawlins WY, before Grand Teton and they Yellowstone.
Before that, an oil change with a LOT of 5W30 (my 67 Tempest back in 1979 had a 7 qt change, was the most til now), a pair of wiper blades.

Headliner done. Also recent ceramic pads & rotors, front hubs, tires, and a couple other things, after I looked thru the receipts.
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Don't often perchance never read about a Tom Tom and flip phone mentioned in the same sentence. Be safe and enjoy the road trip.
well you have to admit, they Do kind of go together :sneaky:
Thanks. Discovered today that I would have rather had an Ignition Orange one - don't think I've even seen one in that color before but came across it on the web.
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