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Hi all I actually posted a few times already in different categories but someone suggested I should make a formal introduction. This 2009 GT just came in on trade at The auto shop I work at. I’ve been looking for a little bit of a fun car take for ice cream and country rides in the summer but never really wanted to spend a fortune and this baby showed up. 200k highway car Full synthetic from day one. The good news is everything works every button and knob and the paint is in very good condition other than some rock chips in the front. Full cat back magna flow exhaust. The bed but not really it needs a right front spring which is a little bit of a problem to find a left rear upper control arm which is rotted and front sway bar links. That’s it ! Lol I just did a tranny service to it and a full synthetic oil change and give it a quick detail. The interior is in excellent condition with only a rip in each front seat. Now the best part ! It was $1,500 !!!!!
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