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Well, I've been stalking these forums since I bought my 09 GT about a month ago. I traded my '11 Ram Sport with the 5.7 hemi in an attempt to lower payments and pay off some bills. Ended up with the G8 after many nights reading reviews and much research on this forum. Good news - lowered payments significantly, Bad news - mod bug hit way too soon and I'm trying not to go crazy buying everything all at once.

I bought the car with 89k on the speedo... didn't look at this car for a few weeks because this scared me off. I found many posts on this site claiming this to be no big deal for these cars and eventually talked myself into checking it out. Ended up purchasing for about 17,500 after all the b.s. dealer paper work fees tacked on. Best part is that I got 2k above blue book retail for my truck and a good amount above my payoff which really helped with the payment lowering part.

She got a clean bill of health from my mechanic and seems to have been taken care of.

Here are the first pictures at dealership.

So far:

Partially Debadged (Mainly just the dealership junk)
Blacked out Red Pontiac Emblems
Washer Mod
Hardwired Radar Detector
K&N Cold Air Intake
Replaced Stock Speakers with Polk Components Up Front and Coax in back
Polarity Swap for Stock "Subs" - LOL
Turned up OEM Amp Gain
CLD Tiles in Trunk, Deck, & Door Panels
Tint Approx 5% on sides & 50% on front windshield (Previous Owner - Stupid but Im told there is a high risk of breaking windshield if I had it removed)
Moda MD11 Wheels

Near Future:

Working on getting a SC Tuning via Vivid Linq (cheap route for now...)
Massive Audio N2 on the way to power my Image Dynamics IDQ 12" Sub
Decide on an Axle Back Exhaust that I like and the wife can "live" with (This is near IMPOSSIBLE! Had an e-cutout on my truck that worked pretty well but was too raspy for me to really enjoy it...)


DoD Delete & Cam
True Custom Tune
Lower Gears

By the way, this was originally a Texas car so let me know if any of you recognize it... seems like it would stand out with the wheels, tint, and the grey stripes on hood.

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Welcome! Enjoy the G8. It's an exclusive club.
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