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Looks like Hawk is now making a kit that includes rotors pads and painted calipers. They claim they will be available in May and cost "Up to $1,000 less than other 'big brake' kits".

They don't look like that large of calipers--more of a stock size--so I don't know if it's really a "big brake" kit. The calipers look kind of ho-hum but if the cost is right this could be a really good option with a lot less hassle than painting your own stock calipers. It appears one must buy the whole kit though.

The part finder doesn't list anything but pads for the G8 so we'll have to see if they make something available.

I think these links are okay because you can't buy anything directly from the Hawk site. If not, mods please remove.

Press Release
Stock Photo/Part Finder

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Pretty cool. I love Brembo's but could never part with the $$ that they want for them. I plan to do the GXP Brembo upgrade here soon. I love Hawk pads and this new system seems like an interesting alternative. Thanks for sharing!
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