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Hello everyone,

My name is Jim and my bride is Nanci Jo. We own a 2008 G8 GT that was special ordered for us in 2007 from the former Pontiac dealer in Bloomsburg, PA. The car has been a blast to own and drive. It still turns heads and we are asked if it is for sale at least once per week. Currently it is being painted with new weather stripping to be installed. This daily driver is being replaced with a 400HP MK7 so we can hot rod the G8 up and have weekend/car show ride. I have been looking for performance parts such as air intake, sway bars, performance exhaust, etc.. Can anyone give a good place to start? There are 140,000 miles on the car. Should we be looking at rebuilding the motor to start? I found a local guy that is replacing the cracked leather seat panels with OEM leather and perforations. The only complaint we have is the darn radio. No XM, GPS or Bluetooth. After market radios seem to be non existent. Any ideas?

We look forward to chatting with our Pontiac fans.

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