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Solo Performance is proud to present our newest offering for there G8 community! The Solo Performance Street Race Catback is not for the faint of heart. This kit is for those that like a raw, aggressive exhaust note that has a deep, American muscle tone. This kit features our Solo X-pipe in the midsection, flanked by our signature J-pipes in the rear to combat that annoying interior drone.

The midsection in this kit can be bought separately, and swapped into a currently installed Solo Performance catback. Band clamps are provided for the swap, which allows the user to go from lean to mean in just a few minutes.

Note: The midsection will not swap into the stock exhaust or other aftermarket brands.

Tips: This kit comes standard with 3" quad tips. You can upgrade to 3.5" quad tips for no additional charge, but you must have a GXP fascia to fit those larger tips. 3.5" quad tips come at customer's request only, at the time of placing the order.

Versions: This kit is also available in full 3" pipe, recommended for forced induction applications.


Street Race Catback (2.5" standard pipe)- $750.99
Street Race Catback (3" pipe)- $943.93
Midsection Only (to swap into existing 2.5" Solo kit)- $425
Midsection Only (to swap into existing 3" Solo kit)- $475

Shipping is FREE to the continental United States.

To Order, Please Contact:

Steve Mariano
Solo Performance Sales and Customer Service
516-655-9002 (7 days a week, until midnight EST)
[email protected]


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It bolts up to the factory cats, so if you headers bolt to the factory exhaust, it should bolt up to our exhaust as well.
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